An independent expert for the audit of your solar plants

Owner, investor or bank: KBE Energy provides you with high quality services to secure and increase your investment profitability.


Technical Due diligence

Advising bank & investors

Based on our extensive technical & financial expertise, we assist you in assessing the technical & economical risks associated with every asset.

We advise you with:

  • — Contracts review (BOP, turbine, O&M etc…)
  • — Engineering and technical design examination
  • — Energy yield assessment
  • — Civil engineering review
  • — Electrical engineering review
  • — Acoustic studies analysis
  • — Grid connection agreement
  • — Business plan audit
Optimisation Performances

Performance optimization

Improving the profitability of your solar plants

Our skilled engineers and technicians rely on their experience and the quality of control devices they have, to identify and cure underperformance causes.

  • — Energy yield assessment
  • — Performance management
  • — Optimization plan
  • — Technical inspection (park reception, end of warranty)
  • — Contract negotiation
  • — Tender management