KBE Energy

Our independence allows us to conduct our missions with integrity and objectivity.


Originally created in 2006 in Grenoble, under the name « KBE Solaire », KBE Energy was born back in January 2014 from the merger of KBE Solaire and Green Services Group. As a pioneer in the photovoltaic sector from 2006, the company has an extensive experience in renewable energy and energy management.

The company offers solutions including technical studies, administrative processes, design, advice, installation and preventative and curative maintenance of solar plants.


KBE Energy follows your solar plants at all stages of its lifecycle:

  • — Design, supply & installation : construction in compliance with regulations & standards
  • — Operation & maintenance : 7/7 monitoring of your production, maintenance & up-keep
  • — Consulting & advisory: evaluate plant performance & estimate its production

The expertise of KBE Energy benefits from its large variety of solar panels and inverters suppliers.


KBE Energy has been recently rewarded by QualiPV which award professionnals for the quality of their installations. KBE Energy is awarded with the electricity and integrated built-in solutions.

KBE Energy meets the following criteria:
  • — Be skilled in the installation of grid-connected photovoltaic generators
  • — Commit to respecting the 10 point QualiPV charter
  • — Hold the required insurance for the activities and installations performed (general and decennial liability insurance)

KBE Energy has been appointed drop-off point for voluntary disposal by PV CYCLE France, which means that each & every solar panels used or damaged will be collected by PV CYCLE in order to be recycled into new raw materials.

KBE Energy has recently obtained the following certifications: OHSAS 18001.

Certification Photovoltaic Solar

Photovoltaic Cycle Solar Panels


Professionalism of our team allows us to position ourselves as a leader in the photovoltaic sector. Commitment is at the heart of our business, together we strive to secure and improve the profitability of your investments. At your service, a proactive team of rigorous and versatile experts. This team ,composed of men and women, will anticipate and act to optimize your facilities. Our customers are foremost partners that we accompany sustainably.

KBE Energy

Our team

Thanks to our strong sense of community and our field approach, we can guarantee the quality of our services. Our team remain available at all time for all the questions you may have. Thanks to our experience and expertise we can supervize several projects at once and we overcome different technologies and integration system. From 10 sqm to 100 sqm we are able to realize all kinds of work.

Project & advisory division
Their role is to advise on financial, technical and administrative aspects of a project.
  • Design and plans new installations
  • Performs audits on behalf of banks
  • Conducts audits for investors for acquisition
Our engineers take into account constraints linked to rooftops, building structure and use.

Production division
They are in charge of implementing projects, whether simple or innovative. They also provide a safe and optimal quality of service. Our teams run several projects at the same time and carry out installation of photovoltaic generators.

Operation & maintenance division
Our technicians take action on solar plants, whether ground based or rooftop based. All of our technicians are qualified and have many years of experience which allow them to repair and maintain every kind of solar plant.