Operation & maintenance

Once your plant is built, daily monitoring of production is necessary (operation), as are scheduled maintenance (preventative maintenance) and repairs (corrective maintenance) to ensure the smooth running, longevity and profitability of your investments.

KBE Energy offers its services for all types of plants, whether they are designed and built by KBE Energy or not. When we take over an existing maintenance contract, we perform an audit of the plant and proposes action to improve and optimize production.


Technical operation

Follow-up & performance optimization

Our team of experts ensures daily monitoring of your plant to prevent any discrepancies, analyze anomalies and launch necessary corrective actions, always with the performance of your assets in mind.


Preventive maintenance

Checks & up-keep

Visual inspection of plants, certain check-ups and measures taken on site by our experienced technicians allow us to verify the general condition of the installations and to detect any discrepancies or abnormal wear. Detecting and resolving problems costs less if it is done early, before the issue escalates. For example, more frequent cleaning of inverter filters may prevent overheating conditions that cause inverter components to fail.


Corrective maintenance


After having diagnosed and analyzed a malfunction, KBE Energy launches, if necessary, on-site intervention in order to minimize the downtime of your plant and to maximize production.

Our maintenance & operations
offers for your solar plants

Standard Premium
Technical Operation
Exploitation Monitoring 24/7
Data recording & storing
Analysis of defect
Recommendation & corrective actions in case of discrepancies
Inverter reclosing
Production & gaps analysis
Operation report
Health & Safety compliance
Delivery stations
Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Annual on-site visite, including
— Global check-up of the installation
— Solar panel control
— Gear and junction boxes control
— Transformer station control
— General condition of cable-trays
— Emergency stops & disconnector control
— Thermographic control
— Intervention form
Delivery stations
Corrective Maintenance
Corrective Replacement of consumables
Replacement of major parts (panels, inverters...)
On-site repair (guaranteed response-time)
Delivery station
Administrative Support
Cleaning panels & snow-clearing